Rockvale, Tennessee
3 comments is very dishonest, they give you a quote, pick up your freight, deliver the freight and then 2 weeks later change the price and say it is not thier problem the class was put in wrong and had to be changed and carrier they used went up on the price. They said pay the quoted amount and we will talk to the carrier about the this.

After we paid they said sorry nothing we can do and start with harassment calls from them and a collection company. No matter how many times you call they can never give a straight answer just that you will have to pay the new price.

I find this very dishonest and will never use this company again and hope no one else will fall for this. Do not use a middle man only use well known freight comapnies.

Review about: Freightquote Shipping Service.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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I worked for Yellow Transportation for many years. Alot of the customers do not know the freight classifications themselves, we would get exact descriptions and provide the customer with the correct class. Does freightquote provide the customers with a class numbers if the customers do not know?


Let me give you some straight facts. It doens't matter if you use a carrier direct or go with a broker.

If you use the wrong class, the carrier has the option to re-class that shimpent and add whatever charges they want to on top of whatever they quoted you. In fact, if any of the specifications that are given at the time of a quote, with a carrier or with a broker, change or are different when it comes time to ship, then that carrier has the ability to add additional freight charges. This has nothing to do with the a broker that you might use. This is soley at the discretion of the carrier that is moving your frieght.

My advice is to make sure that you have all the right information before you ship something. Have the actual weight, dimensions and the correct freight class. Make sure you know if any additional services, such as a liftgate or inside delivery, will be needed or if there is a dock or if its a residential pickup or delivery. All of these things found out on the back end by the carrier opens you as the customer up to additional charges.

Don't blame a broker like Freightquote for you not having all of the correct information on the front end.

Additionally, carriers can drag their feet on the approval of a claim or can deny a claim for many different reasons. This again has nothing to do with your broker or with Freightquote in this case.


Thats what u guys get for not hiring directly a carrier...(truck)

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