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When one of Freightquote's transportation partners (carriers) messes up, don't expect Freightquote to be accountable. Don't expect that they will hold the carrier accountable.

They simply expect you to pay the invoice in full. Our shipment of 2 pallets arrived to our customer no longer on the pallets. The boxes were scattered all over the back of the truck, which was a company that the carrier (Roadrunner) subcontracted to. We pack our pallets so that the boxes are organized together by type of product, color, size, etc.

It takes a long time to carefully pack and ship pallets in this way, but it's the right way to do it and it's the way our customers expect to receive them. So, when our customer received a truck with $30,000+ worth of inventory in boxes scattered around the back, they were extremely dissatisfied and upset. I immediately (from day 1) notified Freightquote (should be "Fright"quote) of this problem. I was bounced from representative to representative with not one person empowered to assist me and adjust the invoice accordingly.

The only people who consistently contacted me were the the billing department, trying to collect on an invoice that I was disupting (if only I could have gotten anyone at Freightquote to return calls, emails, follow through, etc then perhaps I could have resolved the dispute.). Basically, they ignored me and passed me off from one person to another until they had paid the carrier in full. Then, they insisted that because THEY had paid the carrier in full, I had to pay Freightquote in full-- despite the fact that I had been trying to communicate to them the problems with the delivery for months. 4 months later (!), I paid the invoice because of the bullying nature of their collections invoices.

I reported them to the BBB, and I encourage others to do the same.

The collections department uses ALL CAPS, underlining, and bold print to deliver their threats via email. Professional, eh?

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